Keno Provides Prodigious Thrills Online

If anyone in Hong Kong wants to try lottery game that is a little different, why not give keno a go! There aren’t many rules to remember, and the excitement can be huge. A great roar of enthusiasm for casino gaming is sweeping across all of Asia, and players in Hong Kong are sure the domination of Vegas casinos are over!

Keno is a very old lottery game, dating back to the China of 2000 years ago. The Chinese labourers who immigrated to the United States as labourers in the 1800s brought with them this thrilling game. Like all lotteries the excitement builds after you have placed your numbers, and the winning numbers are then drawn. And another Dallas cowboy bites the dust! Or not, maybe it is the Hong Kong millionaire!  Maybe this time Lady Luck will smile on you and you will be the one to win the life changing amount of money!

How to Play and Enjoy Keno

Keno is not a complicated game to learn to play. Keno is actually a simple game, but it is one with the biggest elements of luck. You mark the numbers you want, from 1 to 15 spots. You can have a four spot ticket and an eight spot ticket. Only twenty numbers are drawn out of a possible eighty, and if your numbers are among those drawn you are a winner. You can play your choice of numbers in many different ways, in order to get more chances of a win. You can mark your ticket with two or more groups of numbers, which is called a way ticket.

A split ticket is one that has two or more groups of numbers marked, but separated from each other in some way. A combination ticket combines unequal groups of numbers to form various combinations. In keno, unlike bingo where numbers are drawn until there is a winner, when the twenty numbers are drawn that particular game is over, whether or not there has been a winner. Payouts do depend on your choice of wagers and on the version of the game offered at the casino you are playing at. Some mobile sites will even give you a payout if not one of your numbers is among the twenty drawn!

You don’t even need lots of money to play and win at keno. Your money will definitely last a bit longer while you are enjoying all the fun of keno.

TOP Keno CasinosMay 2024
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Help In Choosing Only the Best Sites

The best online sites for playing keno are offered by us at We have investigated all the possible sites that players from Hong Kong can access, and we will recommend only those that offer all the benefits players want. Safe and easy banking options are essential, with the opportunity of using Hong Kong dollars if preferred for all deposits or withdrawals.  Visa and MasterCard are respected all over the world for their security and protection of customers’ information. You can also use the prepaid credit cards, and keep track of your bankroll. A great array of bonuses must be available, and of course it must be an online casino that offers an excellent customer service.

We will assist any players who may be unsure of which of the online casinos will be best for playing keno. Some online casino sites will give players a couple of extra numbered balls, which will greatly increase the chances of a win!